I want to be disturbed by what you’re wearing. I want to be shocked and undone and delighted by what you’re doing and how you’re living. And I don’t want anyone to be afraid to put on their look, their body, their clothes anymore. Resistance is what is sexy, it’s what looks good and is hard to look at and what sometimes requires explanation.
dean spade, Dress to Kill, Fight to Win, LTTR 1. (2002)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Snow White and Rose Red

I had quite a hard time deciding what to wear on my birthday. Between practical concerns, my brown boots being in need of repair, and other worries, I spent a lot of time rifling through my prettiest things. I finally arrived at this outfit, which involves comfortable shoes and light layers. The dress is an old favorite, of course, and the cardigan is relatively new. I added some elastic to the sleeves and made the white bow to wear with it so it would go well with my lolita dresses. It's very light-weight, so it's perfect as a cover-up over jumperskirts on sunny days.

This outfit reminds me of the fairy-tale "Snow White and Rose Red". The story-book had illustrations in vibrant red, black and white, showing the sisters in their forest home (though I can't remember much more about the actual story). There's something damsel-like about the lenght of the dress and the loose cardigan.

Hairclip: English Charm
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: vintage
Tights: ebay
Shoes: Baker's

I do tend to feel a bit of anxiety when my birthday comes around, but it's more to do with people's judgements than with me growing older. I am now 24. It's very likely that I will continue looking for ways to add a little bit of magic & whimsy to my life for years to come. I really could do without the nagging sense that those who are outside looking in see a girl who refuses to grow up, but I think that it will only fade over time. Because I still *do* have some growing left to look forward to.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Don't Tell me to Smile

I often find it difficult to look bright-eyed and cheery in pictures. Many takes are ruined by a strained smile and half-closed eyelids, and it's frustrating... I haven't perfected yet the practised, easy smile that is supposed to make me look more "charming". (It's even worse when people ask you if you're okay when they see your neutral expression, as if it were hinting at some kind of emotional distress.) Back when I took these pictures, I'd given up on posting them because I could not capture a decent smile. But looking at them again, I found them salvageable. My pouty expression sort of goes with the parisian schoolgirl vibe of this outfit, doesn't it?

Beret: Claire's
Blouse: Sears
Jeans: Forever 21 +
Shoes: Payless

Now that you know what my resting "bitch" face looks like, let's move on to another topic. Back when I wore this I was watching American Horror Story: The Coven. I didn't like the first two seasons of AHS, I tried to get into them... I guess horror isn't really my thing. But once I heard the third season was going to be about young witches, I knew I had to watch it. It had some of the best fashion, and I liked it even as the story got progressively sillier. It may have displeased a lot of long-time AHS fans, but I thought it was a fun, wild ride. The series made me crave dark lipstick and all things black, so I put together this outfit in the spirit of preppy witches.

Brooch: Vintage

Accesorising blouses with diffrent brooches and collar tips is something I should do more often.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Little Foxes

Foxes are pretty near the top of my list of "Favorite Animals", if you couldn't tell. This smock dress has been my savior this summer, perfect for whenever I want to throw on something breezy but still look cute. The fabric is soft and lets my skin breathe in the humid weather (everything should be made from 100% cotton). I didn't immediately love it when I first got it: it's quite loose on me, and it does nothing to define my waist. Wearing a cardigan over it helps, but belting it just makes my boobs look more prominent. The print is so fun; over time I simply got used to the silouete. Sometimes I need a reminder that it's okay to wear things that aren't (what I consider) flattering. I can let my body just *be*, and I shouldn't feel bad about it. 

The one thing I'm nervous about is that the color seems to be (ever so slowly, but surely) fading, even though I always hand-wash it with mild soap. This is disappointing, since the dress still cost around $30 when it was on sale. You'd expect it to be more durable, for that price point.

Beret: Claire's
Dress: ASOS
Bag: Payless
Shoes: ebay

I wore this to go window-shopping and pass by the Wet Seal plus size store opening. I was a bit confused because at first I'd believed it would be just a section of the regular Wet Seal store. I'm undecided whether having a whole different location for your plus line is that good of a thing. You can pack a lot more variety into a store. Ideally, plus-sized girls would feel comfortable going in and trying things on; not feeling defeated from the get-go. But my local Wet Seal Plus' shop girls all fit into "straight" size clothing, and that felt a bit weird. It's still easy to suspect a thin shop girl would judge you, even when you're in a plus-sized store. (But maybe I should put those suspicions out of my mind; tell myself "Don't believe someone is guilty of fat-hate until proven innocent".)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wet Seal Plus Size Store Opening Soon!

Wet Seal is throwing a grand opening party at thirty stores in the U.S. on August 16th which will reportedly include special sales, giveaways & more. You can see the list of locations here. Puerto Rico is included, so I'll definitely be checking it out! When you're on a budget, it can be hard to find stylish plus-size clothes and I'm happy we'll now have another affordable option with Wet Seal's plus line. I've managed to squeeze myself into their XL's in the past, but that is never ideal. It's reassuring to know that I'll be able to find things in my size. That being said, it's not the most inclusive line out there- Wet Seal's plus line goes from 1X to 3X. Some items seem to come only in a size 1X or 14/16... or maybe they remove the other options as they run out of stock? I'm hoping against hope that this is just while they're starting out, and that they'll tackle bigger sizes once the line is more established. So far, I'm pleased with the variety of high waisted shorts and pants listed on the website. 

Here is my pick of their cutest stuff. Especially that bow top- it looks like it could work with a casual lolita outifit. There is room for improvement in their stock pictures, though. They're the kind that make you want to wait until you see the garment in store/try it on (or wait until you see another blogger style it), instead of clicking "add to cart".

Monday, August 11, 2014

Polyvore Remix

"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it." And so, when I saw the Hell Bunny Landlubber Cardigan in Navy had gone on sale over at Hot Topic, I gave in. (Now that there's a free ship-to-store option, I can actually afford to buy from their site.) So I've been thinking about how I'll wear it and making polyvore sets with a few similar items from my wardrobe, and some things I'd love to get to complete the "look". This cardigan is not only perfect for retro-inspired outfits, but also for cute sailor lolita coordinates. It's quite hard to not go for the same "staples" of sailor style, as you could call them. So there's a repetition of stripes, anchors, seashells, pearls, ships and stars below. I'm curious to see how I could deviate from that... maybe style it with a blue floral print skirt and keep the accesories simple. There's definitely room for experimentation.

Hey, Sailor!


Regata by aliciel featuring a charm pendant

Sandy Boardwalk

Let's just say I'm very eager to have this cardigan in my hands! ;)